Production Process

Production of Kixx LUBO base oil is made possible through the usage of three major processes. The VDU produces VGO and VR by instilling AR in a vacuum like pressure. AR is the residue remaining after producing general petroleum products from the CDU.

The HCR uses VGO to produce light petroleum products such as naphtha, kerosene, diesel and also waxy oil which is used as the feed for base oil. The HCR has a two-stage design in order to produce feed (Group II waxy oil and Group III waxy oil) for both Group II and Group III base oils.
The Base Oil Plant (IDW and HDF) maintains operational flexibility by controlling the production of Group II and Group III base oils using Group II and Group III waxy oil feed.
CDU (Crude Distillation)
AR (Atmospheric Residue)
VDU (Vacuum Distillation Unit)
VGO (Vacuum Gas oil)
VR (Vacuum Residue)
HCR (Hydrocracker)
IDW (Iso Dewaxing)
HDF (Hydro Finishing)