Trunk Piston Engine Oil

  • 200L

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               Marine 20
20-TBN Trunk Piston Engine Oil SAE Grade 30, 40
Medium alkaline reserve (20 Base Number) trunk piston engineoil (TPEO). Specifically designed for use in high specific outputmedium speed trunk piston engines burning lower sulfur content(up to 2.0%) heavy residual fuels or marine diesel fuel. Particularlysuited to high load factor operations in marine or stationary serviceand where heavy fuels with high asphaltene content (such asthose containing visbroken residues) are used.
• Medium-speed trunk piston engines including latest designs instationary power generation, especially in high load factor operations
• Medium-speed trunk piston engines in marine service
Customer Benefits
• Wear Protection
High alkalinity levels control cylinder liner wear effectively and protect bearings from corrosion. High-performance antiwear additives provide excellent protection against adhesive wear for cams, camshaft and bearings. Kixx Marine 20 also provides a high degree of water tolerance and antifoam protection.
• Detergent-Dispersant Properties
Keeps crankcase and oil control rings clean. Prevents deposit formation throughout the engine. Reduces lube oil filter blockage. Effectively handles insolubles.
• Oxidation Stability
Oxidation inhibitors protect the oil against thermal stresses, protect engine parts from corrosion and reduce undercrown deposits while promoting extended lubricant life.
• Rust Prevention
Prevents corrosion of engine parts when engine is not in operation.
• Balanced Additive Combination
Provides minimum maintenance and downtime, long engine life and economical operation.

Key Properties