Trunk Piston Engine Oil

  • 200L

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               Marine 10
10-TBN Trunk Piston Engine Oil SAE Grade 30, 40
Lower alkaline reserve (12 Base Number) trunk piston engine oil (TPEO). GS Marine 10 is designed for use in medium-speed trunk piston engines burning distillate fuels with sulfur content up to 1.5% in marine or stationary service.
• Medium-speed trunk piston engines in stationary power generation
• Medium-speed trunk piston engines (marine service)
• Engine reduction gears
Customer Benefits
• Maintains power output
The detergent/dispersant additive system provides control of high temperature deposits in areas such as the undercrown of the piston and the piston ring belt area, enabling piston rings to function efficiently.
• Prolongs oil life

Key Properties