Crosshead Engine oil

  • 200L

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               Marine S
Cross Head System Oil SAE Grade 20, 30
Kixx Marine S is a premium quality, alkaline diesel engine oil designed for crankcase (system) lubrication of large, low speed diesel engines in marine and stationary applications.
Crankcase lubrication of:
• Large, low speed (less than 250 rpm), two-cycle crosshead diesel engines
• Particularly suitable for engines with oil-cooled pistons
• Older-type marine trunk piston engines with separate cylinder lubrication
• Marine and stationary applications
Customer Benefits
• Extends time between overhauls
Special detergent and ashless dispersant additive system ensures crankcases and lubricating oil lines are kept free of deposits. The combination of detergency and excellent oxidation stability provides clean piston cooling galleries and chambers.
• Protects bearings from corrosive wear
Level of alkalinity reserve ensures that acidic combustion products (which enter the crankcase due to leaks in the connecting rod seals) are effectively neutralized to protect bearings and bright metals against corrosive wear.
• Easy oil purification
Combination of highly refined basestocks and special detergent additive system provides excellent water tolerance and separation properties which enable efficient purifier operation. Therefore, water washing is neither necessary nor recommended.

Key Properties
Service Considerations
Marine system oils are designed for use with active purification systems. As such systems continuously remove contaminants from the oil, long service lives are possible and it is not usual to change out the lubricant on a fixed schedule. Accordingly, it is important that the oil’s condition be monitored and the change-out period be determined by means of regular oil analysis and interpretation in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines. While GS Marine S has excellent water separation properties, water washing is neither necessary nor recommended. However, contamination with other engine oils may drastically affect its ability to maintain these excellent water separation characteristics.