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               Grease Therma
High Temp. Grease NLGI 2, GC-LB
Non-melting, EP grease formulated from a highly refined ISO 100 mineral base oil, an organoclay (bentonite) thickener, and an effective EP agent for high temperature applications where frequent re-application is available.
• Industrial ball and roller bearings in high temperature applications.
• Exhaust fan bearings
• Furnace door bearings
• Kiln car wheel bearings
• Roll neck bearings
• High temperature conveyor bearings
• Rotary kiln bearings
Usable temperature range: Continuous service -20 to 135°C, with frequent relubrication 260°C
Customer Benefits
• Minimizes equipment failure
The special non-melting organoclay thickener prevents grease loss from bearings at high temperature.
• Wide temperature range application
May be used in applications up to 135°C with normal re-greasing, and up to 260°C with very frequent regreasing, making it suitable for use in a wide range of high temperature industrial applications.
• Prevents failure in wet conditions
Organoclay thickener gives excellent resistance to water washout.

Key Properties