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               Machine PM
Paper Machine Lubricant ISO VG 220
Premium performance circulating oil specifically designed for use in the centralized lubrication system of paper machines, including wet-end system, dryer bearing and calendar stacks.
• Circulating oil system of paper machines, particularly those equipped with ultra-fine filters, superheated steam, or those susceptible to water contamination.
• Suction box pumps, vacuum and white water pumps, agitators, reduction gears and gear head motors
• Pulp grinders and pulp refiner oil circulation system
• Gear drive units and pumps in industrial applications
• Plain and antifriction bearings at elevated ambient temperatures as high as 80˚C.
Performance Standard
• Meet or exceeds all the lubricant specification requirements of today’s pulp and paper industry.
Customer Benefits
• Minimizes unscheduled down time
High oxidation stability provides excellent resistance to deposit formation. The detergent/dispersant additive system enables quick removal of deposit from hot bearing surfaces, and the suspension of small particle, rendering them harmless.
• Compatible with ultra-fine filters
The specially balanced additive package and highly refined base stock provide the outstanding filterability essential for ultra-fine filters, even in the presence of water.
• Trouble-free operation
Excellent water separability characteristics permit rapid separation of water in circulating oil system reservoirs, reducing the chance of premature filter plugging and increase metal-to-metal contact.
• Less frequent circulating system changes
High oxidation stability ensures long lubricant service life, particularly in newer design machine with smaller, tighter oil reservoirs.

Key Properties