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               Compressor P
High Performance Reciprocating Compressor Oil ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100, 150
Range of mineral compressor lubricants, meeting DIN 51 506 class VDL specifications and exhibiting high load carrying capacity. Kixx Compressor P is blended from selected high quality paraffinic base oils. A well balanced additive package provides excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion protection, and outstanding EP characteristics. It provides a smooth, economical compressor operation especially under severe conditions.
• Kixx Compressor P are recommended for stationary and portable compressors, operating at compression temperatures up to 220°C including compressors with oil lubricated pressure space, e.g. single and multistage reciprocating compressors or single or multistage centrifugal compressors.
The 46 grade is primarily recommended for use in oil-flooded screw compressors as well as centrifugal compressors. At high compression pressures, such as in multistage reciprocating compressors, the higher viscosity grade may be used. Kixx Compressor P has been tested and approved by “Rheinische-Westfalischer Uberwachungsverein e.V.” in Germany and it meets DIN 51 506 VDL.
Customer Benefits
• Oxidation Stability
Resistance to oxidation at high temperatures prevents carbon formation in the air compressor chambers, discharge lines and air vessels.
• Rust Protection
Assures protection against rust and corrosion.
• Antifoam Properties
Prevents accumulation of surface foam in the crankcase.
• Low Evaporation Loss
Guarantees minimum consumption of product.

Key Properties