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               Hydro HVL
Premium Long-life Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid for Excavator ISO VG 46
Premium quality, shear stable, multi-viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic fluid, designed for use in hydraulic systems subjected to wide variations in ambient and operating temperatures. Specifically Kixx Hydro HVL is designed to meet the long-life hydraulic oil requirement of construction equipment. (Excavator : 5000 hrs)
• Industrial hydraulic equipments subject to wide variation in temperatures
• Hydraulic systems in mobile, construction and agricultural equipments
• Industrial hydraulic systems with vane, gear or piston pumps
• Enclosed gears operating under moderate load conditions
Performance Standard
Kixx Hydro HVL meets performance standards as below.
• Denison Hydraulics HF-0
• Vickers I-286-S [industrial applications], M-2950-S [mobile applications]
• Bosch Rexroth RE 90 220
• ISO Standard 6743 Part 4, Type HV
• GB 11118.1-2011, L-HV
• DIN 51524 Part 3, HVLP
Customer Benefits
• Wide temperature application
Shear stable, multi-viscosity characteristics reduce the risk of breakdown in high pressure & high load hydraulic systems which operate over a wide temperature range.
• Longer equipment life
Special anti-wear additive package reduces wear by protecting surfaces when applied load causes breakdown of the lubricating film.
• Reduced downtime
Effective rust and oxidation inhibitor system prevents
- the production of abrasive particles from rust & deposits
- varnishes and sludges from oil breakdown which can damage equipment surfaces & seals
- filters being blocked prematurely
• Trouble-free operation
Good hydrolytic stability and water separation characteristics provide excellent filterability in the presence of water contamination. Good anti-foam and air release properties ensure smooth operation and system efficiency.
• Extended oil service life
High oxidation stability resists oil thickening and deposit formation in service, eliminating the need for unscheduled change of hydraulic fluid.

Key Properties