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               PSF IV
HMC PSF-4 Power Steering Fluid HMC PSF 4
Premium performance automotive power steering fluid specially designed to meet Hyundai, Kia requirements over a wide temperature range. It is also premium formula which uses high quality base stocks(including PAO), additives and provides optimum protection in power steering systems of modern vehicles.
GS PSF 4 is ideal for use in the power steering systems of modern Hyundai and Kia vehicles. It exceeds the severe Hyundai, Kia power steering fluid specification. It is recommended for gasoline and diesel passenger cars, bus, trucks.
Performance Standard
• Hyundai, Kia Power Steering Fluid Specification(HMC MS 517-16, PSF-4)
Customer Benefits
• Provides good start operation in cold climates thanks to its excellent low-temperature fluidity.
• Protects power steering system against wear and ensures long life-time.
• Provides high foam stability, oxidation and corrosion stability.
• Provides high anti-rusting performance and lower sludge formation.
• Provides more stable friction property.

Key Properties