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Transmission Fluids - ATF

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               ATF Multi
Top Performance Multi-vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid JASO 1A, GM DEXRON®-III, Toyota T-IV, Hyundai SP-III/SP-IV
High-performance, high-quality multi-vehicle fluid for automatic transmissions (Applicable for slip controlled lock-up clutch). Kixx ATF Multi is a specially formulated fluid designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of automatic transmission specifications requiring SP-II, SP-III, DEXRON® III, MERCON®, Allison C-4, Toyota T-III and IV. In addition, it meets the requirements of European OEM’s like ZF-TE-ML-11A/B, Volvo CE 97340, and MB, VW, BMW 4, 5 and 6-speed automatic transmission specifications. Kixx ATF Multi is a special blend of high quality base stocks with an advanced additives system for use as a Service-Fill.
Performance Standard
Customer Benefits
• Anti shudder protection.
• Oxidation and thermal stability
• Provides high foam stability.
• Provides good start operation in cold climates thanks to its excellent low-temperature fluidity.
• Provides more stable friction property.
• Use for most vehicles

Key Properties