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               HD CNG
Top Performance Low Ash CNG Engine Oil Cummins CES 20074
Heavy-duty, low ash, multi-grade crankcase oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of spark ignition, natural gas or compressed natural gas engines. Kixx CNG provides the protection needed for mobile natural gas engines, is excellent gas engine oil for stationary applications. It has a lot of performances like the protection against deposits in the higher temperature gas combustion chamber, wear protection, foam protection, exceptional oxidation and nitration control ability.
• Mobile heavy-duty automotive engines converted to run on sweet natural gas or LPG
• Four-cycle stationary engines on sweet natural gas or LPG
• Digester gas (biogas) engines
• Gas powered co-generation engines
Performance Standard
• 10W-40 : Cummins CES 20074 Recommended
• 15W-40 : Cummins CES 20074 Approved
Customer Benefits
• Maximizes engine life
Detergent additive provides excellent piston deposit control. Balanced sulfated ash level reduces valve surface deposits.
• Reduced maintenance costs
Outstanding oxidation and nitration resistance minimizes acid number increase, providing protection against bearing corrosion.
• Extended oil change periods
Very high oxidation stability protects against the formation of gums and varnishes, reduces oil thickening and increases oil life.
• Increased service life
Low phosphorus content ensures exhaust system catalyst compatibility and, therefore, maximizes unit’s service life.

Key Properties