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               HD CH-4
Diesel engine oil for heavy duty vehicles, the perfect fit for smart consumers API CH-4/SJ, ACEA E7
Premium performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines requiring API CH-4, SJ, ACEA E2 performance lubricants operating under the most severe service conditions.
• Mixed fleets of European, North American diesel engines (high speed, four-stroke, turbocharged or naturally aspirated)
• Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline engines
• Mixed fleets including both old and new equipment
• Commercial road transport, including the latest electronic controlled engines.
• It meets the major diesel engine manufacturers requirements
• Stop-and-go vehicles in high soot loading service such as buses and waste collection trucks
• Off-highway vehicles and plant
Performance Standard
• API CH-4/SJ, ACEA E7-12
• 10W-30 / 10W-40 : VDS-2, MB 228.1, Mack EO-M Plus, RLD-2, Cat ECF 1-a, Allison C-4 Recommended
• 15W-40 / 20W-50 : MB 228.3, MAN 3275, MTU 2.0, Mack EO-M Plus, CES 20077, Cat ECF-1a Recommended
Customer Benefits
• Minimizes fleet maintenance costs
Exceptional soot dispersion keeps fuel soot in suspension, avoiding filter plugging, cylinder head sludge, abrasive polishing wear and oil thickening.
• Minimizes fleet operating costs
Excellent deposit control on valves and piston crownlands reduces oil consumption. Exceptional oxidation stability and soot control extends oil drain capability so that equipment is in service longer generating revenue. Outstanding valve train wear protection maintains fuel economy.
• Extends engine life to overhaul
High level of anti-wear additive protects against valve train wear and scuffing of highly loaded parts operating under boundary lubrication conditions.

Key Properties