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High grade gasoline engine oil providing excellent protection. API SN-RC/CF, ILSAC GF-5
Formulated from Synthetic Technology base oil, high performance additive systems and leading edge viscosity index improver, which meet the requirement of current advanced Top-tier engine oil grade of API SN and ILSAC GF-5. It is optimized to provide complete engine oil performance especially for fuel efficiency, reducing friction loss and durability.
• Naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars including SUV gasoline engines and sports vehicles.
• Gas-fuelled (natural gas and LPG) spark ignition engines where conventional passenger car motor oils are recommended
• Four-stroke gasoline engines in motorcycles and portable power equipment where the manufacturer recommends conventional passenger car motor oils.
Performance Standard
• 0W-20 / 0W-30 : API SN-RC/CF, ILSAC GF-5
Customer Benefits
• Superior Cold Performance
Superior low temperature properties with proven metal-organic anti-wear additives provide easy start-up of engine at extremely low temperature and excellent wear control in even the most sophisticated valve train mechanisms, including those with variable valve timing.
• Fuel Efficiency
Specifically tailored viscosity characteristics and effective friction modifier minimize internal engine frictional losses, which reduces oil fuel consumption.
• Saves on maintenance costs
High thermal stability and excellent oxidation resistance provides outstanding protection against in-service oil degradation that contributes to filter blocking and sludge formation in the oil galleries, crankcase and valve train.

Key Properties