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               HD CG-4
Top Quality Diesel Engine Oil API CG-4
High performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of diesel engines requiring API CG-4 performance lubricants.
• Mixed fleets of diesel engines (high speed, four-stroke, turbocharged or naturally aspirated)
• Commercial road transport
• Off-highway vehicles and plant
• Agricultural tractors and farm machinery
• High speed diesel engines in marine service (e.g. fishing, river transport, etc.)
• Generator sets
• Mobile hydraulic systems (where oil type and viscosity are appropriate)
Performance Standard
• API CG-4
• Allison C-4, CAT TO-4 Recommended
Customer Benefits
• Reduces fleet maintenance costs
Specially balanced metallic detergent and ashless dispersant additive system provides excellent overall engine cleanliness in all service conditions, particularly the higher soot dispersion required to maintain oil drain intervals in modern engine designs. Excellent oxidation stability protects against the formation of gums and varnish at elevated temperatures.
• Prolongs engine life
Proven metallo-organic anti-wear additive system provides excellent protection against wear of critically loaded components under all operating conditions. Multigrade viscosity provides additional protection against wear at start-up and under high temperature operating conditions.
• Preserves full power and performance
Metallic detergent and ashless dispersant additive system preserves full power and performance by providing excellent upperring- belt deposit control under the high temperatures encountered in turbocharged diesel engines.
• Saves on inventory costs
Mid-ash, higher dispersion formulation provides excellent overall performance in mixed fleets of different engine designs, allowing fewer oils to be stored and reducing the chance of problems arising through product misapplication.

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