GS Lubricants

Awake Excellence : Kixx, Bringing about a new form of excellence
The basic yet important role of lubricants is to reduce friction between different moving surfaces. Kixx strikes a fine balance by blending strong and soft values while delivering customized solutions to industrial and automotive uses of lubricants. Kixx strives to continuously innovate and excel beyond expectations for a better lifestyle and future.
Three Commitments for Awake Excellence
Right Technology
Kixx will equip itself with the latest innovative technology so as to attain a high level of quality and desirability in our products.
Clear Promise
Through strict quality controls and a value-oriented approach, Kixx promises to deliver solutions that partners and customers can trust.
Smarter Choice
Kixx strives to ensure that our customers’ choice and belief in us will be pivotal to their business success.
Kixx, All Ways with You
Kixx AI
As a new master brand of GS for both automotive and industrial lubricants, Kixx’s new slogan of ‘All Ways with You’ shows our promise of being with you on every journey and moment.